History of the Drug Store

Watson Drug and Soda Fountain; a product of the Golden Age of American History, somewhere in time when Main Street, U.S.A. was the center of life for every American City. This was the era of the Gay Nineties. The horseless carriage had just been introduced, gold was discovered in the Klondike, rural free postal delivery had been established drives in a surrey were still a way of courting. Dr. John T. Dorrance developed Campbell's condensed soups, which sold for 10 cents. John Kellogg, a physician at the Battle Creek Sanitarium and his brother, Will Keith Kellogg developed wheat flakes (called Gransosa) in 1894, in a attempt to create a more digestible bread. The cereal, a vegetarian diet and water treatments were such a success that people came to the sanitarium from all over. In 1895 Charles W. Post was one of the patients. He took some of Kellogg's ideas and developed Postum, a malt beverage and Grape Nuts. The foundation for a drugstore and soda fountain emerged. Drugs were freely available and abuse was common. Heroin was sold as cough medicine. The American Drugstore began with the introduction of scientific fact into pharmacy and medicine.